Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Version Control Survey Results

Eleven people responded to a simple 5-question survey (via SurveyMonkey) The results show (only some of, I'm sure) the variety of version control options available. I learned quite a bit reading through it, and I hope you will too. Currently, I'm mostly reading about Git (having read a fair amount about SVN) and talking to others about ideas. (I feel like someone just needs to push me in the pool!) I encourage any additional discussion and/or advice.

Do you use some system of version control? 11 total respondents all said yes
SVN or Git (or other; could mark both) 10 SVN; 5 Git
Do you work alone or with other developers? (could mark both) 8 alone; 7 team
Please give a brief description of your setup, including your client.
  1. Mac; Versions as well as Subclipse in Eclipse (Flash Builder & CF Builder)

  2. for personal (where I work alone), I use Unfuddle.com (free; SVN & Git); at work, I run our own internal SVN server; in either case, I use both Tortoise and Subclipse in Eclipse

  3. Mac, use Subclipse for SVN, command line for Git, both free and paid servers for hosting

  4. git, git-gui, eclipse plugin

  5. Eclipse w\ subversive plugin for the client; RIAForge on the server backend. I'd used Microsoft's Visual Source Safe way back when I was doing VB programming, but hated it-- it was a PITA.

  6. My team uses SVN. I've moved to Git and use the git-svn interface to publish changes, which works great. I keep some personal things on GitHub. I use the command line client.

  7. Subversive in eclipse, command line svn, svn on internal server

  8. Using ColdFusion/Java/Flex: Subversive client for Eclipse. Everything is done using the command line.

  9. Some clients have their own SVN servers. For my projects I host at ProjectLocker.com for $5 / month. My SVN client for everything is Subclipse plugin for Eclipse.

  10. SVN for 6 years, just checking out Git. I use both the command line SVN and the Subclipse Eclipse plugin in an Ubuntu development environment. I run some of my own SVN repos locally, but also some at www.assembla.com.

Anything else? (selected comments shown)
  • I can't believe it took me so long to start using remotely hosted SVN. It makes it so much easier to work on the same project on different machines (laptop, pc, etc). And it adds a level of safety I wouldn't want to live without. Plus, it's free. Doubleplus, it's easy as can be

  • Very new to SVN, so I'm probably using maybe two or three percent of its feature set.

  • If SVN hadn't been mandatory for using RIAForge, I'd probably not have had the nerve/drive to use it.

  • This free book at http://svnbook.red-bean.com/ helped me wrap my brain around the basic concepts.

  • GUIs are helpful at first, but my proficiency with them soon reaches a plateau. I prefer to use the command shell. I understand much better how everything works and continue to learn new things.

  • Svn teamed with trac to give integrated ticketing, milestones and using mylyn in eclipse

  • I use VCS for generally VC, of course, but also for experimental branches, tagging releases and vendor branching.


  1. I responded to your survey. I'd like to add that I use xp-dev.com for my (free) SVN hosting and am very happy with their service.

  2. Chris, (in response to your Tweet)
    I work offline quite a bit, so the suggestion that Git works well for that impressed me. Also, I work alone and need version control more for branching and merging rather than for checkin/out.
    There's also a newer post than this one, and it talks about getting Git set up.